From July 14th to August 9th, an artist-collective named LEAF documented the life cycle of the world’s largest action sports event: The US Open of Surfing. Located in Huntington Beach, the event sent a shock wave of energy throughout Southern California, attracting over half a million visitors. The USO has a massive concentration of media coverage, with cameras covering practically every square foot of the contest site. Although there is an endless amount of USO coverage, LEAF has teamed up with Hurley to take a different perspective. Nº51 is a visual odyssey– a fusion of image and sound that depicts different aspects of the relationship between the media, humans, and the spectacle of the US Open of Surfing. Through the production of a short documentary, LEAF has once again redefined the trajectory of modern film making to reveal both the beautiful and grotesque aspects of our strange rituals. Nº 51 is a record, an impression, and an examination of a human congregation.

The premier will take place at the Laguna Beach Theater on October 7th at 9 pm.